Camera: Starfish Guider camera
  Telescope: ZenithStar 80 APO, piggybacked on a 10" Meade LX200 GPS
  Filters: Coronado 60 mm kit mounted on the ZenithStar 80 APO
  Images: 100 of 900 images stacked, composit image with 30 used for flares and
70 for the main solar body
  Software: StarLink 1.0, Astro IIDC 3.01, Photoshop CS3
Photo courtesy of Walt Lickteig.

Walt took this picture on New Year's Day 2007 of the sun from his observatory using the Starfish camera as his imaging camera. Walt described the seeing as being very poor that particular day but he still managed to creat a wonderful image nonetheless. Walt's descritption of the picture details:

A total of 900 images captured and only a total of 100 used [aligned and stacked]... Seeing was terrible... 1 of 5 on the Danko scale, but I don't believe it was that good...

And a tremendous amount of Photoshop manipulation... The processing took over 2-hours to arrive at the final image [after aligning and stacking]

It is a composite - 30 used for the flares and 70 for the main solar body...


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