Camera: Starfish Guider camera
  Telescope: Tak FSQ
  Filters: FLI filter wheel w/ Astrodon filters
  LRGB Image: L = 30 X 60Sec, R,G,B = 10 X 60Sec
  Camera Gain : 5
  TEC temp: -5C

Who said the Starfish can't take deep sky shots. Well, it can if you pick the brighter targets.

The exposure sub-frames were only 60 seconds, yet the central core was still burnt out in this image. Next time I go out, I'll take some shots at 15 to 30sec and combine them in order to get some detail in the trapezium.

Although we are not recommending the Starfish as a deep-sky imager, this shot gives you an idea of the sensitivity of the MT9M001 image sensor.

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