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(Digital Pattern Generation and Logic Analyser functionality)

The FPCI-DIO32 card is a digital input/output card for PCI bus computer platforms. The card is suitable for high-speed, dynamic I/O applications where data transfer operations are performed via DMA operations to and from on board local memory. A unique feature of the card is its ability to control, on-the-fly, the signal lines' data direction and tri-state drive thus allowing applications to simulate complex uP bus structures. Useful in circuit card assembly and semiconductor device characterization in the R&D lab as well as manufacturing test environments.

• 32 digital input/output signals with 4 handshake signals.

• Independent data direction control on each nibble (4 bit) lane. On-the-fly changes.

• Capability to emulate bi-directional and tri-state signal busses.

• Allows simultaneous pattern generation and data capture operations on signal lines.

• DDS clock synthesizer with milli-hertz frequency resolution.

• Expansion connector allows locking multiple cards together for wider data words.

• 68 Pin AMPLIMITE .050 Series connector for customer I/O.

• 4.25" X 7" card fully compliant with PCI Revision 2.2.

• Universal card operates in 3.3V/5V PCI signalling environments.

• On-board 32 MBytes of pattern memory.

• LV-TTL logic levels (32mA drive) on all user I/O signal lines (5V TTL Tolerant).

• Includes driver software and complete manual with example application software.

• One year warranty.

• Coming soon! Call for pricing and availability.

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