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Jan 1, 1989  
Fishcamp Engineering founded as partnership between Ralph Schmehl and Bob Piatek.
1989 - 1994  
Initial business plan defines a product roadmap targeting the data acquisition marketplace. Several NuBus based PC add-in cards developed. Companion data acquisition software (NBS-Link) introduced to support the NBS series of cards.
1994 - 1999  
Development begins on first PCI bus based cards. Several custom versions addressing the needs of OEMs released.
Company offices moved from Bob's garage to 124 W. Clark Ave, Orcutt CA.
1998 - 2000  
Engineering Design Services takes precedence over in-house funded standard product design as opportunity presented by super-heated high tech industry materializes.
1998 - 1999  
Contract signed with an infrared imaging company to provide signal processing system for a newly developed image sensor.
Developed data acquisition sub-system for Very Large Array radio telescope project.
1999 - 2000  
Contract with a DSP software company signed to partner on the design of a hardware reference platform for a new wireless chipset being introduced by a major semiconductor company. The design centered around the hardware necessary to support the speech and signal processing DSP algorithms provided by our partner company.
2000 - 2001  
PWB design services provided to leading inter-networking company in Silicon Valley.
2000 - 2001  
Contract with a wireless communications startup was signed to provide the design of the embedded processor and digital baseband logic for an LMDS terminal. Larry McCrigler joins team to work on this project.
Company offices moved to larger facility at 105 W. Clark Ave, Orcutt CA.
2001 - 2002  
PWB design services provided to optical communications startup.
2001 - 2002  
Engineering design services provided to state transportation department for 'Smart Bus Sign' project.
2001 - 2002  
Contract signed with a company that is a leader in the infrared imaging field to develop a portable system to perform gas leak detection for the petrochemical industry. All of the hardware design and a significant portion of the software content of the camera were our responsibility. The project utilizes multi-million gate FPGA's to support the real-time image processing algorithms required.
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