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PCB Design Services

Regardless of the technology, we have the PCB design and layout expertise to quickly and accurately meet your circuit packaging needs. Our designers use the finest CAE/CAD tools available today and are fully trained to reliably produce designs that meet your electrical constraints while ensuring adherence to manufacturing requirements.

With customers in the wireless telecom, wireless broadband, optical networking, internet infrastructure, infrared imaging, defense and other segments of the electronics industry, fishcamp's designers have experience with designs ranging from standard through-hole and surface mount technologies to advanced packaging concepts such as flip-chip and chip-on-board. To serve this wide customer base, our design team has become familiar with most appropriate industrial, commercial, and military standards.

Today's trend toward higher circuit speeds requires knowledge and experience with controlled impedance, differential pairs, matched delays and high frequency clock distribution schemes. Modern electronic component packaging necessitates the ability to work with ultra-fine-pitch, micro BGAs and today's miniature discrete component packages. Working with Cadence Allegro we specialize in solutions to these packaging challenges and strive to provide the most economical results with the highest degree of manufacturability.

We can accept design netlists from most popular schematic capture packages, including ViewLogic, OrCad, Protel, and Concept or can produce the schematic from your hand drawings.

Our designers can work at our design center or can be available for work on-site if necessary. Give us a call to discuss your next design. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and competitive rates of our PCB design services.

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