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Previous Projects
AV59M Camera
The AV59M camera project was conceived as a generation 2 version of the original V59M camera design we had done. It utilized the same 59MPixel image sensor but implemented a 10Gbit Fiber Optic Ethernet interface instead of the multi-port CameraLink interfaces of the original camera.
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HRSC Camera
The HRSC camera was one of the more interesting camera designs that we have done. A key element of the design was a CMOS image sensor with a 25M Pixel resolution that was capable of very fast frame rates.
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CameraLink to 10G Ethernet Bridge
The requirements for this project were to achieve the same throughput as the original CameraLink interfaces, but utilize a 10G Ethernet interface over fiber-optic cable.
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59MPixel CMOS Image Sensor Camera
This camera design is the highest resolution camera Fishcamp Engineering has designed. It utilizes a 59MPixel CMOS Image sensor that is capable of running up to 10 frames per second. Total pixel rates on this camera approached 600MPixels/sec.
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NAOA Torrent Power Supply Board
The NOAO development team invited us to participate in the TORRENT development. We were contracted to be responsible for the TORRENT Power Supply module.
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Wireless Chipset Reference Design
This project was a collaboration between fishcamp, a company specializing in DSP software algorithms for telephony applications, and a semiconductor company developing a wireless chipset.
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Infrared Image Sensor
This design was the analog front-end and digitization circuitry for a high speed infrared imaging system. The board included variable analog offset and gain circuitry that allowed for dynamic range improvement of the sampled video signal. more >>

LMDS Terminal Digital Baseband Electronics
This board was the digital baseband processor for a 26GHz LMDS fixed wireless, internet access terminal. more >>

Embedded Processor
This board is a full featured embedded system that includes many of the functions commonly found on a typical desktop computer system. The card was designed for low-power operation in order to provide for long battery life in non-tethered applications. more >>

FireWire Repeater
This tiny device was one of the first FireWire repeater modules on the market. It was used for applications requiring the interface of 1394 compliant devices with the need for cable lengths greater than the 4.5M specified in the IEEE spec. more >>

Stepper Motor Control
This design was used in a project that needed a high precision mechanical positioning assembly. It included an embedded processor and high current drive electronics for the motor control circuitry. more >>

64-Bit PCI
This card was used in a video image frame grabber application. It included an LVDS interface for the connection to an external camera and 128 MBytes of on-board SDRAM for image storage. more >>

Video Image Processor
This design was the key subsystem in a video effects imaging system. Besides the custom interface to a high end image sensor, the assembly included standard VGA and NTSC video interfaces. more >>

DSP Processor
This card was designed as a daughter card for an application requiring a DSP which was used for telephony applications. more >>

CMOS Image Sensor
This image sensor card was designed for one of our OEM customers in the life sciences field. It was designed as an upgrade to our Starfish camera providing for a larger format image sensor with 16-bit pixel digitization. more >>

Radiation Detector Preamp
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Large Format Image Sensor
This image sensor card was designed to accommodate a very large format image sensor. The sensor's size was the same physical size as a 35-mm film frame and had an array format of 3048 x 4560 pixels. more >>

Image Buffer Module
The National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) has developed their next generation detector electronics package called MONSOON. The MONSOON Image Acquisition system was designed from the start to be able to handle multiple detector types unlike traditional camera designs which are designed for one specific detector. more >>
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