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AV59M Camera
AV59M Camera

The AV59M camera project was conceived as a generation 2 version of the original V59M camera design we had done. It utilized the same 59MPixel image sensor but implemented a 10Gbit Fiber Optic Ethernet interface instead of the multi-port CameraLink interfaces of the original camera. In addition, several other image processing functions were included in the camera design in order to provide a more integrated, system solution to the customer's end application.

The 10Gbit Ethernet interface used industry standard protocols over a high bandwidth link thus providing for a reliable and secure camera interface. The choice of using a fiber optic communication link allowed for long distances between the camera and host computer controlling the camera. The interface was also compatible with widely used 10G Ethernet switching and routing solutions thus providing a very flexible solution to the end user.

The camera design was partitioned into three circuit card assemblies.

Sensor Interface Logic Card

The sensor interface module was responsible for interfacing to the image sensor in the camera. It provided for sensor timing generation as well as image processing functions to allow for Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) processing of the image stream.

Image Processor Logic Card

The Image processor board included the camera's frame buffer circuitry, the 10G Ethernet interface as well as some application specific image processing functions.

Power Supply Circuit Card

The last card included all of the power supply circuitry for the camera. This included the supplies for the camera circuitry, the image sensor, as well as a TEC cooler that was used to maintain a constant operating temperature of the image sensor.



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