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Wireless Chipset Reference Design

This project was a collaboration between Fishcamp, a company specializing in DSP software algorithms for telephony applications, and a semiconductor company developing a wireless chipset. The goal was to have a design that could function as a multi-line, multi-handset phone system. The board allowed for user definable operation as either the base station or handset functions under software control. Up to two telephone lines could be handled via the two FXO ports. Up to four handsets could be operated from a single base station. All call setup and station keeping was handled by the on-board DSP which was also responsible for voice compression coding and tone detection and signaling functions. This system was demonstrated at the COMDEX show in Las Vegas in 1999.

Future capabilities were supported via two FXS ports and an AC97 stereo decoder. The following circuitry was included:

• TMS5402 DSP Processor

• NiCad Battery supply with on-board charger

• Two FXO Telephone ports, two FXS Telco ports

• Ring Generator supply

• AC97 Stereo port

• LCD display / Keyboard / audible ringer

• 900 MHz Spread Spectrum wireless chipset



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