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Starfish PRO features
• Unmatched image quality
• Variable readout speed
  • 187K to 12M pixels/sec
• Range of available image sensors
  •1M Pixels to 8M Pixels
•Monochrome or Color
•Interline or Full-frame CCDs
•Pixels sizes of 5.2u to 7.4u
• USB 2.0 and ST-4 Guider ports
• Small size: 2.75” dia X 3.4” long
• Lightweight: 14 oz.
• Integrated Mechanical Shutter
• Hardware frame buffer
• Cooling: 2-stage TEC, internal fan
  •30°C below ambient
•Sensor mounting:
  •Sealed with Desiccant plug
  •AR-coated window
  •Collimation adjustment screws
•Wide software support

Fishcamp Engineering has been designing custom cameras for the industrial and scientific markets for over a decade. Our cameras are being used around the world in diverse fields such as life sciences, aerial surveillance and astronomy. We’ve designed cameras with image sensors as small as 300Kpixels all the way up to monsters sensors with 59Mpixels. Cameras that are capable of taking hour-long single exposures up to ones that stream pixels at over 8GBits/sec.

When we started the design of the Starfish PRO camera, our goal was to use our expertise to create a camera that would meet the needs of demanding users yet be reasonably affordable and a dream to use. In short, a camera that we ourselves would choose to use in our own work. The Starfish PRO camera line is the culmination of our efforts.

A quick look at the features listed above shows that the number one design goal of the camera was to provide uncompromising image quality in the pictures you take. Hyping a long laundry list of features would never make up for poor imaging performance in the camera. We’re happy to say that the Starfish PRO camera has image quality that’s at the top among our competition. You can have superb image quality and get it in a diminutive camera enclosure that is still affordable.

To learn more about our image performance and the other notable features of our camera, we invite you to read the following topics:

  Imaging Performance
  Imaging Sensor Support
  Software Support
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